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Every business has an identity and by building yours into a strong one can become one of your most valuable assets. A lot of the work we do involves helping businesses create strong brands. That's because design plays a pivotal role in defining corporate images, creating customer experiences and evoking emotional feelings about companies. Building a strong identity is simply a matter of communicating positive messages about your company in clear and consistent ways.

Great sites share the following design features:

Simple Layout
Simple Layout

Pages are best read in a straightforward way from top to bottom, and you don't find your eye skipping around trying to work out what to look at. It's much calmer and more solid browsing experience..
3D Effects
3D effects, used sparingly

Gradients are used subtly, either to give bars a slight roundedness, to create a soft feeling of space in the background, or to make an icon stand out with embossing and subtle drop-shadows.
Soft, neutral backgrounds
Soft, neutral background colours

The most popular plain backgrounds are white and greyscale fades. These give a cool, neutral, soft base against which you can flash strong colour to draw the eye.
Strong Colour
Strong colour, used sparingly

A soft, stylish background is the perfect base for adding eye-catching features. Strong colours and tonal constrast are great for drawing the eye to the more important elements on the page.
Cute icons, used sparingly

As with strong colour and 3D effects, appealing icons and buttons can add that bit of polish to help give a page a high-quality feel. But used too much, they'll have the counter effect, cluttering the page and confusing the user.
Plenty of whitespace

Your eye needs space (guttering in typo language) round stuff to help you clearly and cleanly identify things. "White" space doesn't have to be white. But it does have to be space!
Nice big text

Use bigger text to help your visitors see quickly what the page is about, what's most important, and figure out where they want to look next to find what they want.

For the A1 Webcentre that means helping you to create a website that's professional and easy to use. It means developing a corporate identity package that presents your company consistently across all your marketing channels. It even means considering color schemes that convey the right emotional messages about your business.

Owning a professional looking effective website will bring your company or organisation not only credibility but sales enquiries. However when replying via e-mail so many companies let this professional image go as they are not using corporate e-mail stationery.

We provide a range of e-stationery and e-mail campaigns that go hand in hand with your company's identity and marketing drives.

The cost of creating your e-stationery, e-advert or e-newsletter depends on what you can initially supply us to work with, and whether or not you require more than one product.

To discuss your requirements, obtain free advice or receive an indication of cost, contact-us online or freephone 0808 144 2926 or send an e-mail to sales@a1webcentre.co.uk.

Alternatively, use our online estimation page and take advantage of our introductory 10% discounted rates.

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