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Search engines should be your very first method of web site promotion. But there's no way to crack search engines. Achieving a high ranking takes a combination of positioning techniques, patience and quality site content. You need to be very conscious of your search engine positioning. If you're not listed within the first 20 or 30 search engine rankings, you lose traffic, no matter how many engines you submitted your site to. The secret is to use search engine positioning techniques that will rank you higher than your competitors. Remember cracks for search engines don't exist. The best way to achieve high rankings is to follow the search engine rules. Keep your content useful, improve your link popularity and always monitor your search engine positioning to aim for a higher rank than your competitors.

This is why our sites are better. We create and maintain professional sites that are not only visually pleasing with intuitive navigation and containing relevant information and content, but they are ranked highly with the search engines and are therefore visited regularly; fast loading; and most importantly, get results for our clients.

By monitoring, modifying and optimising the meta-tags (information used by search engines) on your existing web site and making recommendations regarding changes to your web site, where necessary. We create special optimised pages, for selected search phrases, for the different search engines. We will not change the wording or contents of your web site without consultation with yourself and/or your current web developer. Search Engines require text to index. Where there is not sufficient text relating to a search phrase available on your website, we will ask for generic text for these optimised pages.

Typical Prices For Search Engine Placement

Frequency (every)
2 weeks
2 months
6 months
Cost (£)

To discuss your requirements, obtain free advice or receive an indication of cost, contact-us online or freephone 0808 144 2926 or send an e-mail to

Alternatively, use our online estimation page and take advantage of our introductory 10% discounted rates.

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