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This site was challenging as it had to showcase all of our services without bogging visitors down in navigation and text. So the main site menu was always going to be extremely important.

As there is so many parts to our company we split them into sections: Signage; Design; Internet Design and our Safety Sign Range. Once split into sections we could then go into more detail and arrange them into further sub categories, taking the visitor through each section in stages yet allowing returning visitors to immediately find what they are looking for.

To showcase examples of our work we used various technologies that allowed us to maximise space usage. Drop down lists and Java slide shows all allowed us to display many jobs in the one space yet maintaining the sites overall look and feel.

As well as explaining and showing people what we do we felt that it was important that visitors could contact us easily there and then so that the chance of turning a visitor into a customer was not missed.

As well as having general contact forms we decided to develop intelligent forms that instantly estimated prices. This allowed people to then submit their enquiry to us under no obligation or financial commitment.

Java slide show

We believe that for certain products and services that there is no substitute for the human touch and through these forms we encourage 'first contact' with the company, so that the dialogue can begin.

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